Pixel Portraits

Small images can be used as symbols as long as they are relatively simple in terms of detailed and show a clear image in small sizes. Our task was to replicate 4 college lecturers in a pixel portrait in a small grid.


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Sound Symbol

Symbols can be used to represent sounds. Our task was to create a symbol that represented a sound.

The symbol I create represents a progressive louder bang sounds.

My Sound Symbol

My Sound Symbol

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Cause Poster

As an individual we were asked to design a poster for our cause. I designed my poster using the symbol for our cause as well as the tagline for our campaign.

Where is the Grass? Poster.

Where is the Grass? Poster.

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Intangible Symbols

Intangible means something that is incapable of being touched, it is something that isn’t exactly physically present. An intangible symbol is used to symbolise something that isn’t completely physically there, it provides another meaning. Intangible symbols can also be used to represent smells, and sounds. Example an intangible symbol, could be a ghost, its a spiritual symbol.

Another intangible symbol is a love heart, it symbolises love, which is something that is intangible.

Love Heart

Love Heart

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Revolutionary Symbols

Revolutionary Symbols are symbols, that represent certains eras and have revolutionised due to societies views on them.

For example the southern cross is a constellation of stars in the sky, but is replicated on the Australian flag, and symbolises Australian heritage. But in modern times, it is not un common for Australians who take strong pride in there culture to get the southern cross tattooed onto themselves. It was widely re-known amongst a particular group of Australians known as the Bra-Boys to represent themselves with this tattoo.


The Southern Cross (above)

A Bra Boys Tattoo (Above)

A Southern Cross Tattoo, on a Bra Boy (above)

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Final Cause Symbol

The final cause symbol was chosen as a class group, and we all voted on the best cause symbol from each different tribe.

The final cause symbol was;

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Symbols, with new meanings.

Symbols can change in meanings overtime, they can start to mean something than what they first intentionally were used for. They symbols meaning changes as society sees the imagery differently.


For example, what we know today, for the Poison Sign, was originally a different symbol.

Above is Today’s symbol for poison, but it was originally derived from the era of pirates, used as a warning sign as well as caution. Below shows the pirates flag with the same skull and bones symbol.

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Rebus – A word like puzzle that uses images to represent words, or parts of words and its phonetic sounds.

Our task was to construct a Rebus in our tribes, below is the Rebus that my tribe constructed.

I Believe I Can Fly


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Humpty Dumpty

Today’s in class exercise was to construct and re-tell the story of Humpty Dumpty the nursery Rhyme using only certain symbols.

This task helped to create different shapes and symbols for different meanings and representations.


Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall,
Humpty Dumpty had a great fall.
All the King’s horses, And all the King’s men
Couldn’t put Humpty together again!

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Road Signs

In class today, our task was to create our on road signs, easily recognizable symbols used to represent something, in only black and white colours.

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